Disposable Medical Face Mask TYPE II

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency as high as 99.9%

Disposable Medical Face Mask TYPE II | Sinov.my

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Mask Description

Wearing a face mask will help prevent the spread of infection and prevent the individual from contracting any airborne infectious germs.

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Outer Layer

An outer layer is hydrophobic layer, which repels water, blood and body fluids.

This is a non-woven layer.

Middle Layer

The middle melt-blown layer is the critical highlight of a medical mask, it is designed as the filter to stop germs from entering or exiting the mask.

Inner Layer

The inner layer is intended to absorb water, sweat and spit.

This is a non-woven layer.

Why Choose Us

Here's our guide on why you should use our face mask.
Lowest Price Guaranteed

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99.9% Protection

Protective medical face mask with advanced nano fiber technology captures 99.9% of smog, emissions, viruses, bacteria, molds, pollen, dust and other dangerous particles.

Super Comfort

Mask material is considered to have better ventilation and will trap less of the moisture that builds up from breathing and sweating.

3 Layer

Single-layer face mask is not as effective as a standard medical mask. If you’re going to use a face mask, you should use one that has at least two or preferably three layers.

Long Effective Life

The duration of a mask’s effectiveness varies according to use. It can be used up to eight hours.


With this certificate approval means that the face mask is approved for use in all parts of the world.

Face Mask Type

Several criteria should be taken into account when choosing a mask such as application, type of mask, level of protection required, etc.
Mask Type Protection Level Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Layer Functions Effective Life
Disposable Face Mask Below 60% 1 Layer Covering Below 3 Hours
Disposable Protection Face Mask ★ ★ 60% - 70% 2 Layer Covering + Protection Below 3 Hours
Disposable Medical Face Mask TYPE I ★ ★ ★ 70% - 95% 3 Layer Covering + Protection + Medical 4-5 Hours
Disposable Medical Face Mask TYPE II
(We are selling)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 99.9% 3 Layer Covering + Protection + Medical 5-8 Hours


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The product quality is good. So I repeat order. Haven’t tried this batch yet. Hopefully the quality same as last time.

Shopee Customer Posted on September 11, 2020

receive stock in good condition n all mask is clean with good condition.

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